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I purchased one of these from a local Lloyds Pharmacy 11 days ago, I suffer from really bad Hot Flushes, Burning more like & go bright red all over and end up sweating a lot and some times feel quite sick, my hot flushes were 24/7 and have been for a long time.
I am quite sceptical about these sort of things but thought okay give it a go it's just under £20.
Well within an hour or so of wearing it I noticed I wasn't having my normal Hot flushes, I would feel one coming on & then think oh what happened to it, same for night time ones, I don't even notice them. I used to have a soaked bed at times and woke a lot and the bed was constantly hot, now I think I may still have them as some time I wake to find my quilt tossed to one side but I haven't been aware of it, I am now sleeping really well for the first time in ages.
Even a work colleague commented the other day that she hadnít seen me go Ďredí for a while.
My husband said why don't you remove it for a while to see what happens, I said no thanks I'll leave it where it is for now thank you very much.

Does it work on everyone who knows; the instructions say it could take 3 months to work, well if it has worked this quick on me maybe so of the other menopause symptoms may change as well who knows fingers crossed. Beats having to take HRT which I was trying to avoid.
This is the best £20 I have ever spent! I was having severe hot flushes both during the day and at night. I was getting quite desperate to find a cure when a friend told me about the magnet. I was very sceptical as I am not the type of person to believe in 'miracle cures', but I have to say, this is exactly what it is! Within one day of wearing it I began to notice a difference, and now two weeks on, I have absolutely no symptoms! I will definitely recommend this product to friends.
I purchased a Ladycare in August and have been wearing it constantly ever since. I noticed a difference within a few days. By the end of the first month my hot flushes had all but gone. I have no menopause symptoms now and I am feeling so much better. I dont have any hot flushes at all and I would recommend this product to anyone. I will continue to wear the magnet as long as i feel it is necesary .It is just a part of me now and I would probably feel naked without it.
Having had the ladycare tucked away in a draw until the menopause symptons really kicked in, i started to use it only three days ago to alleviate the restless/waking nights and minor but regular flushes - what a difference. The flushes have virtually subsided, the aching bones and joints feel relieved and the waking nights are not. A fabulous product, and I'm happy that I don't have to consume HRT pills or anything else.
I have been amazed and delighted with the Ladycare magnet. Although I felt a bit hopeful when I started wearing it, having read the wonderful reviews, I didn't have very much faith as I felt like I'd tried everything. HRT was helping with my hot flushes and night sweats but I had to come off it as I developed two DVTs in my leg, and was told I could never return to it. My menopause symptoms came back with a vengeance and I was even more limited as to what I could use for them as I was taking Warfarin for the DVTs. I had just started a very complicated diet plan when a friend recommended I try Ladycare as she'd heard how good it is. Once I'd read the reviews on the site I was in Boots buying one within half an hour! I didn't notice any difference for about 2 weeks, then one day I realised that I hadn't had nearly as many flushes as usual, and had only woken twice in the night instead of the usual 6 to 8 times. I have now been using Ladycare for about 4 to 5 weeks and I now notice if I do have a flush or sweat, as they are so infrequent. Please recommend this product to any woman who is in the peri menopause or menopause to save them suffering as I did (and tens of thousands of other women do). It is nothing short of amazing!!
I bought my LadyCare magnet several months ago as I had been suffering from night sweats for a couple of years on and off. Then the day time hot flushes started and I found that hard to cope with. After 3 days wearing the magnet the hot flushes had stopped and the night sweats greatly reduced. I don't get daytime flushes any more and very rarely a night sweat, and even then its only a shadow of what I suffered before. A friend bought a magnet on my recommendation and was also symptom free after a few days of wearing it, and she still is several months on. My daughter suffers from very bad period pains and so a couple of months ago I bought her the magnet for that and she thinks it is a miracle - she's had the first two pain free periods in her life. I have no idea how it works - but it certainly has for me and at the price I would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone with menopausal symptoms or bad period pains.
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